I would not normally comment on how exciting sun is on a Monday morning, except that I have not seen sun on a Monday morning in a very long time in Boston. Since Mondays are my earliest day of the week, I’m out the door on the way to the gym by 5:40 and at my fieldwork placement by 8AM, sun is a nice change.

We are having quite a lovely fall here in Boston, although it is nothing in comparison to the season at home. I was home last weekend for Columbus day and had completely forgotten just how beautiful the fall is in Central New York. It was so nice to be home…

Today was almost a really fantastic day. Yesterday, for the first time all semester I was 100% caught up in basically everything from school work to clinical paperwork to cooking and cleaning. I even baked chocolate chip cookies!

I spent all day with my kindergarteners, who happen to be some of the many loves of my life, especially here in Boston. Then, I finally made it over to Children’s Hospital. I’ve been meaning to go for weeks and time has been running away from me. Timmy Connors, an incredibly brave and terriffic 16 year old from my home town has been battling leukemia for the past 6 months and recently received a bone marrow transplant from his older brother. Tim was having a rough day but I had a great visit with his mother and I know that he will pull through soon!

Besides some paperwork and revisions that sums up most of my day. Oh! My monster took his first steps today! I’m so sad I wasn’t there to see them, but I bet he will be running all around by the time I get home for Thanksgiving!

Off to bed it is for me. Happy Monday everyone!