I admit it. I am one of those girls addicted to . I love to watch them try on dress after dress, spend ridiculous amounts of money that I would never ever spend on something I will wear once. Some of the girls are bridezillas, have meltdowns and temper tantrums in the store, others have crazy mothers. Something about this show is just great.

While this is how I spend a typical Friday night, yesterday, I had the opportunity to go to a real wedding. Alida Jileta, a former roomate, married Kevin Hart into her family. It was a beautiful wedding and I am very gracious for the privilege of attending. Her dress was perfect, and unfortunately I don’t have a picture to show you. The wedding was held at St. Clements in Boston and then the reception at Anthony’s Pier 4 on the Boston Harbor. The view was spectacular (once again, I apologize for my inept photo skills..) as was the whole event.

Alida is from Guadalajara and wanted to incorporate her Spanish tradition into the wedding. She chose to do so with a Mariachi Band and gifts of handmade trinket boxes from Mexico. There was lots of dancing, lots of food, and lots of fun.

Now, I was a little anxious about going to a wedding by myself where I knew noone aside from the bride, who obviously would be very busy. I got to the reception, got myself a glass of wine, and just kind of stood there thinking…what now? I was fortunate that there was another girl in the same boat nearby and we started chatting. Turns out, she is also a newlywed from Italy, and worked in a research lab with Alida. Her husband was in Italy, so she was alone too…it worked out great for the both of us!

I had a lovely time at the wedding yesterday and so today it’s back to the normal bump and grind of Sunday morning paperwork and an afternoon of studying and cooking for the week. I have the get lots done and be productive so I can take a day or two off next weekend since I keep being told I work too hard…
Have a great day everyone!