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After last semester’s insanity, this semester seems like a breeze. Granted, I still have a full course load, am co-facilitating 2 clinic groups, have Dance Marathon obligations, plus work. Somehow I still feel like I have too much free time. Today I decided it would be nice to brush up on my Spanish in all these extra hours. The only problem is…who do I do this with? Sure, I have plenty of friends that speak Spanish, but let’s be honest, if we can speak in English we’re going to speak in English.

I know BU has language conversation groups but I’m sure that they won’t fit into my life, nor do I want to make that much effort to have to be somewhere. I decided that I would google intercambios (the Spanish word for language exchanges) and poof! Literally within an hour I had found a conversation partner! She’s from Madrid and we’re meeting for coffee this Saturday. That could not have been easier. Seriously. 🙂

AND, in addition to doing that with my few free hours this afternoon, I cooked!! Not only did I cook, but it was something new and creative, and I took pictures!

This is a chicken and broccoli casserole. It’s so simple and my own creation! First, I put two chicken breasts in the oven to bake. I let them stay in there until they were almost done, then took them out and chopped into small pieces. In the meantime, I cooked a box of whole wheat pasta and a bag of frozen broccoli. The tricky part on this, which didn’t come out quite how I wanted it to was the cheese sauce. I wanted it to be like mac n cheese but I used a cheese mix with mozzarella so it was string. It was delicious anyway!

I’ll admit that I was delinquent and this post was started a whole 24 hours ago…so now it’s a day later. But I did have the same thing for dinner and it was still delicious! Today was a typcial busy day of randomness. People always ask me what my schedule looks like and I honestly can never tell them, because no two days or weeks are ever the same. It’s enough to make you not want to pull the covers off your head every once in a while but for the most part it is was gets me out of bed and keeps me going.

Next blog post: why I am that girl waiting for the gym to open at 5:45AM…