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Boston is beginning to look and feel like home. I don’t mean that in the warm, cozy way either. I mean Boston is getting as much snow as we get in one of the snowiest places in the country. I am not a fan. People constantly ask how I can live in such a snowy place, and why on earth I want to go back there. I don’t ski, and in all honesty I don’t like anything to with outside in the winter, unless it’s looking at it from a window. It’s a small price to pay for everything else that comes with CNY though. Plus, you don’t see us getting earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes.

I would also like to mention that the car you see in the picture above has not been cleaned off since I got back to Boston 2 weeks ago. It has just placated itself there for 3 snowstorms. Not that I blame them for not wanting to drive in this. I have no qualms about driving in bad weather, as long as everyone else knows how to drive in it as well. This is Massachusetts and bad driving predominates even in good weather. Hopefully, we’re getting all this snow out of the way this year so next year when I have my car, we have a nice easy and green(ish) winter. šŸ™‚ We’re just running out of places to put this snow!

I promised a post about my early morning gym fanatic routine. Ironically, that did not happen this morning. It’s the first time in months. I did get there eventually though and I am totally counting shoveling into the workout tally for the day.

I am by far and large a morning person. Sleeping in past 9 on any occasion seems uncalled for in my world. On a weekday, 7AM is late. Somewhere between the hours of 5:30 and 7AM depending on the demands of the day (no two days are ever the same for me) I get myself out of bed, more often than not before the alarm goes off and head to the gym. There is no email checking (well..the droid makes that a little inevitable sometimes, but I never ever respond and I only read it if it’s going to drive me crazy not knowing for the next hour), no talking to anyone, no sidetracking. Within 10 minutes I am on my 15 minute walk to the gym. I work out for 40 minutes, and then walk back home to do the email checking and get ready for the day.

The first 90 minutes of the day are all mine and I will not sacrifice them unless it’s absolutely necessary for my physical health. I mentioned before that no two days ever look alike, and that’s true after my gym time. Once I get in that workout/mental health/psych therapy time, I can face anything the day has to throw at me. The quality of the workout has a direct effect on the rest of my day.

If everything is in order in all aspects of my life, I tend to have more productive workouts. I push myself to the next level and motivate myself to work harder. If I’m stressed about an assortment of things but nothing pressing, I let my mind run while I ellipticalate. If I’m upset about something in particular, I work through it while I do cardio. If I can feel physical tension in my body from stress, I do calming stretches and exercises. If I’m angry, I work harder. By the time I turn the corner to walk up my block, I will have gotten some physical exercise, mentally prepared myself for the day to come, and psyched myself up that I can handle anything. If those things don’t happen, I might as well climb back into bed and try again tomorrow.

For me, the gym is not just the exercise I need to get to fit into my jeans, it’s my sanity. When I’m home this isn’t the case so much, but I don’t have as much going on there. I cannot remember how I ever functioned in life without that hour in the morning. It just seems absurd. So there you have it: why I am that girl waiting for the gym to open. And for the record…Fitrec says it opens at 6AM, but if you get there a few minutes before you can still go in, put your stuff away an warm up. And no, I am not the only one there at that hour!

For next time: the battle of running and my opinion of scales.