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I was going to dedicate this post to a discussion on running and other fitness related things; however I think this list will be much more entertaining. I spent 40 minutes laughing on the phone with my parents, reliving some of the highlights of my time in this apartment. I have only been here 5 months, but I can promise you I am not shorthanded on stories. Many of them created unfortunate situations, but I choose to laugh and use them as life learning experiences. Hopefully, someday I can bring up these stories from the comfort of my own home that doesn’t have so many…quirks.

Laughter is a wonderful remedy for a bad day, a tough week, or anything that has you down. Sometimes I actually want to be miserable and sulk in my own sorrows, but it always, always gets just a little bit better when I can laugh. I encourage everyone else to laugh at the ridiculous and absurd things of life, that would send you over the edge otherwise. In hopes that you will get some laughter from my experiences, here is a short list of some of my fondest memories and lessons learned in the big red place that is home away from home.

– Water does funny things when it leaks. This includes appearing as delightful brown streaks down an entire wall, that at first glance may be mistaken for dripping blood.

– Using the microwave and the toaster oven on the same outlet will certainly trip the circuit. So will using two  hair dryers in opposite ends of the apartment when 90% of the apartment is on the same circuit.

– Dysfunctional doors that have handles that only turn on the outside can effectively trap you in your room.

– Mice like to drink the condensation from the back of the refrigerator. It’s a nice resting place for them in the afterlife, and they don’t reek too much back there either.

– When the drain from the sink basin is disconnected from the pipe, the water just goes everywhere. Lazy solution: only use that sink to store dirty dishes.

– Adjustment knobs on radiators aren’t very useful when they aren’t connected to anything.

– When you have to walk 3 blocks to do laundry, it will inevitably rain or snow on the day you planned to do laundry. Never again will I not appreciate free laundry within my own house.

And the major lesson learned? No matter how nice or expensive your home is, things are ALWAYS going to go wrong. The best things to do? Laugh, google the answer, call your parents for advice? And if all else fails, call the landlord and hope she has a clue.

I had a really great weekend, with the opportunity to catch up with one of my best friends in Boston over a great dinner in Beacon Hill. We went to this hole in the wall Persian place, Lala Rokh, and the food was phenomenal…I highly recommend it! Tomorrow is Monday, and the last day of January. Woo! One month closer to warmth!