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I realized after my last post…I write way too much and post far too pictures. I’ll work on that, but beware, it may be a slow process because I’m not a big picture taker!

This is my “front yard”. It’s really a cement slab, but I do have to say it looks prettier with the snow.

On the other hand, I do not find this attractive:If you can’t tell…this is around 6 inches of water. Since BU decided we were not going to have a snowday, even though the rest of the country pretty much disagreed I got to experience it first hand. We even made a human chain to climb over a snow back near Marsh Chapel. It was successful, noone feel in the makeshift lake!

I did have the morning off from work so I curled up in the corner at Panera with a hot cup of pomegranate tea.

Today was back to business as usual. Oh and I got to take a 4 hour test that looked remarkably like the SATs. Oh the memories!

It’s time for bed for this girl because tomorrow is a big day of socializing (after a fun Friday at work with the kindergarteners of course!).