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Disclaimer on the title: I saw this as someone’s status update on Facebook this morning, and it’s been stuck in my head ALL day. And what a day it’s been! But I haven’t updated in a long time, so first a brief synopsis of the weekend. 🙂

Friday: After work I went to get coffee with a friend I haven’t seen in over a year. It’s absurd we live 15 minutes away from each other and yet a year has passed. It was wonderful to catch up though! Then, it was off to Sargent night at the BU hockey game. They won! I decided at the game, that my favorite thing about the sport is the zambonis…they are just so cool!

Afterward, a bunch of the girls from the speech department headed to Sunset for drinks. They have absolutely the best margaritas.



Saturday was a soup kind of day and I spent most of the day inside, lounging around.

I did spend a few hours at the gym with Brian. It wasn’t a very intense workout, but at least there was movement involved and we got to hang out.

I can’t say I did anything too exciting for the Superbowl…I really only saw the end of the game, but I was pretty happy with the outcome. 🙂

My roommate Lindsay’s mom did send us a Valentine’s Day package though! The pasta and chocolate were communal but the dish towels came specifically for me…I wonder what that’s implying??

As Lindsay put it tonight though, “you’re always standing in front of the sink!” And since I don’t like to play with the sponge, I guess that implies I am always doing the dishes. Really, I just don’t understand how we go through so many freaking dishes?! They’re always there!!

Now it’s Monday and back to another busy week. We have lots of Dance Marathon events coming up because the event is just 54 days away now! So exciting!

Happy Monday everyone. 🙂