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That pretty much sums it up right there. If you know me at all, you also may know about my feelings toward anything fire related…it is a huge fear of mine! So yesterday, I was finishing up a Dance Marathon meeting and the fire alarm starts going off. The emergency alert spiel happens, the emergency lights are flashing, and the three of us are just sitting there like nothing is going on. Eventually the staff did kick us out, but I didn’t see fire and it was an important meeting.

Yesterday was one of those crazy busy days.

You can also see my stars for the gym in there. 🙂 We were driving to hearing practicum around 8 yesterday morning and my friend Diane said to me “the more I learn about you, the more I think you’re a masochist.” Yesterday was a long day for everyone, but I did get up at 5AM to ensure I could get a workout in. It wasn’t too eventful because the gym wasn’t open yet, and it was freezing/dark and I didn’t want to run on icy sidewalks. I took a brisk walk to wake me up instead.

The thing about having such crazy intense days, is that I LOVE it. I can’t do it 7 days of the week, and even 5 is pushing it but 2-3 really long, insanely busy days make me so happy. I accomplish so much in those 17 hours of being awake.

For instance yesterday I walked for 45 minutes, then two miles to school, went on hearing practicum, got to attend a research seminar, went to class, took an exam [accompanied by jackhammering on the floor below us] and 3.5 hours of DM commitments, then came home with enough energy to do dishes, respond to emails and phone calls, and still be in bed by 10:45. And let me tell you, bed feels GREAT at that point. But I love everything I do and there’s no better feeling than that kind of exhaustion.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone functions this way. My roommate recently asked if I ever take time for me in the middle of those days? The truth is, while I take a few minutes to collect my thoughts and organize myself every once in a while, when I’m on, I’m on…and that can last upwards of 18 hours sometimes. I do remember to breathe/fit it in when I can, but I wouldn’t be doing this if it didn’t make me happy! (At least 85% of the time anyway…)

Do you ever get so busy you forget that you loved it in the first place?