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First thing first: MyPanera is thee greatest! I’m enjoying this lovely strawberry smoothie, courtesy of a random MyPanera gift.

If you ever go to Panera, and you don’t have this rewards card — GO GET ONE!

I think they give me more than I actually buy sometimes. Even if I happen to find better coffee elsewhere (like somewhere with Hazelnut decaf), I will not ditch Panera, because it is my coffee shop love. And it’s everywhere!

I spent my Friday evening cleaning, making to do lists, and tackling the giant mess of Dance Marathon things I have let slowly creep up in my inbox. It was 1:30AM before I turned off the lights, which is crazy late in my world, but completely worth it. I woke up this morning with a very long, but very organized to do list. I have a plan of attack for this week.

I actually have quite a bit of time off this week due to President’s Day on Monday, the fact that BU changes days randomly and makes Tuesday a Monday schedule, and winter break in public schools. This leaves me basically the whole week off, and I’m looking forward to having time during business hours to take care of some necessary evils.

But I have to say, I will miss the kids this week. I’ve mentioned my job before, but I don’t think I can express just how fantastic it is. Yesterday was the 100th day of kindergarten celebration!!

I think I counted to 100 100 times eek. Lots of the kids could also count to 100 and I am sooo proud of them!! We did all sorts of crazy 100 things like…taking 100 steps and leaving the 100th footstep around the school, making necklaces with 100 fruitloops, building with 100 blocks/cubes/legos, and making a poster of 100 handprints.

These kids never ever fail to make my day better and I don’t think that once in 4 years I have left that building in a bad mood. Who else can say that about their job?! It helps that I work with some really fantastic people. In particular, I have been working in Kathleen’s room since I was a freshman (WOW – that makes me feel old!). She is phenomenal all around. Not only does she teach her students, but she builds great relationships with them that I truly believe go far beyond the classroom. I can’t begin to describe everything I’ve learned from her either but if I can be half of what she is in the classroom, I will consider myself a success. 🙂

But I suppose I actually need to do my school work if I ever want them to give me a degree so I can get a job!