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I didn’t really go on vacation per se. I left that to my mother this week, who is enjoying beautiful, sunny Florida. I more like…took a vacation from the outside world.

Between winter break at work and the Monday holiday, I ended up with the better portion of the week “off”. That really entailed a significant amount of Dance Marathon craziness. It’s finally pulling together though!! 😀 35 DAYS. AHH, okay not thinking about that now.

I may have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off earlier in the week, but I chose hibernation today. For starters, I went to bed a 9PM last night. I slept all the way until 6:30 this morning. I only left my apartment for a brief trip to the gym and to get some groceries.

Usually on lazy gym days I hang out on the elliptical for a while. I seriously love this thing!

But today, my body just wasn’t feeling like that was a good idea. When my brain says it’s not a good idea I push through, but my body has been feeling like I need to take a few days off for a while now. I couldn’t give up going all together, but I settled for some deep stretching. I think the nicer weather (exception = today’s monsoon) has encouraged me to walk more, which is great, but in combination with more intense workouts and not great eating, I needed a break.

This weekend is also a break from eating out. I feel like I’ve been socializing more lately (which is GREAT!) and that often involves food. Even if I make healthy choices, I still miss eating in on a regular basis. I grew up rarely going out to eat, so more than one meal a week that I didn’t prepare is a lot to me.

Last night I whipped together this delicious combo of linguini, frijoles negros (black beans) and a side of broccoli.

There is no photo of the leftover beans I used in tonight’s tacos. I had some ground turkey that’s been in the freezer longer than I care to admit, so I threw that in the frying pan, added the beans, leftover cheese and voila. Easy and I’m getting rid of leftovers!

Plus, maybe if I close my eyes and try really hard, I can will myself to be in Mexico eating tacos. Or, I’ll just go hibernate in my bed. 🙂