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I am SO PROUD of this boy right here!

Last night I went to CSA Takeout: Goodwill Benefit Concert…aka the largest Asian-American event on the east coast. I looked a bit out of place…but it was a fantastic concert nonetheless. And none of it would have been possible without this awesome MC, who I get to call one of my closest Boston friends. So much love.

Also, a shout out to Miss Allie for a wicked performance in Vagina Monologues. Yes, I used wicked – I’m from CNY and darn proud. 🙂

This was lunch!


I wasn’t planning on eating out at all this weekend, but I didn’t feel like packing a lunch this morning and have been craving one of these bad boys from Loose Leafs on campus. I figure I can splurge on lunch out as long as I save on the calories.

I’ve been trying to avoid the mindless snacking the past few days. The number I saw on the scale scared me!

My landlord randomly showed up at my door this morning, which was weird, but saved me a phone call Monday morning about signing the lease. I will be very happy when that is all done and said! Also, my tentative summer subletter fell through today, so I am back on the market for someone who wants to live in my room for the summer months. Please let me know if you’re interested or know someone who is!

It really is the small things in life that make me happy though. For instance, this arrived today:

It is a guilty pleasure! It’s also been missing for two whole months. In fact, I emailed Cosmo about it just yesterday. Of course it would show up today right? Whatever, my subscription is extended two months and I can enjoy this magazine with a glass of wine later.

So much for actually doing work today…whoops! Tomorrow will have to be super productive I guess. 🙂