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For years I have thought that I had the best omelet shortcut: I mixed all of my omelet ingredients right in the pan before frying! I’m pretty sure it started as a way for me to do less dishes. It’s been working for me, except I often have a not so pretty/scrambled-ish omelet.

Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to mix the omelet in a bowl. And this is what I got. Maybe everyone who mixes omelets the typical way does so for a reason…I guess my laziness wasn’t working for me as well as I thought it was.

That was dinner yesterday, accompanied by a side of soup.And some peanut butter toast that was in the toaster while I was snapping photos.

All my meals today were on the go. Wednesdays are always long days so I usually pack both lunch and dinner. I had the usual lunch (sandwich, a fruit, veggies, and a yogurt) and then leftover tofu/pepper/veggies for dinner.

I actually like packing all my food for the day because then I have pre-controlled portions and get to snack whenever I like. I still have to spread the food throughout the day so I’m not starving and wanting to binge by the end of the day.

I’ve been really good about snacking this week! Today, not as much…but I did pass up plenty of free desserts from the dining hall multiple times. Not that I’m against desert by any means, but I wasn’t hungry for it and I was planning on having a snack of cranberry zucchini bread. I did, and it was delicious!

Tomorrow is another marathon of a day so I better get to sleep. I’m planning on running 2.75 in the morning and then I have all sorts of excitement going on. I wore my red shoes today – a sure sign of spring that I can wear leather shoes without fear of snow!

My feet looked great, but 14 hours later…they are a little tired. Flats it is tomorrow. 🙂