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I got on the Wii Fit tonight and the ominous little voice of encouragement told me that I have gained 11 pounds since my last visit. Granted it’s been 477 days, but still. AHH. Then he told me that I should lose 30 pounds to hit a healthy weight.

11 pounds, yes. 30? Excuse me, no. I’m also going to attribute a pound or two to the fact that I started messing with it 20 minutes after a big dinner and a day of not eating well.

Unfortunately, the healthy living has gone a bit off track this week, with being home and everything. Spring starts on Sunday and so I plan to get back on the wagon for the first day of spring. I will be at my target weight and running 5 miles easy by graduation. That gives me two full months. I CAN DO THIS.  I WILL DO THIS.

After the Wii fail, I wasn’t feeling very good about myself. I had committed to going for a run, and so I went. In efforts to stall even more I drove to the high school track, thinking that it would be snow free and lit (it was already dark) and in all honesty, that I could stop whenever I felt like it.

Well, I ran 2.0 miles without stopping once. I didn’t time myself and I’m sure they were very slow, but that was a big deal. Around lap 5 (mile 1.25) I realized that I have never run one full mile on that track. I doubled that tonight. By the last lap I wasn’t a pretty sight to behold, but I know that the way I felt on lap 8 is how I felt on lap 2 four years ago.

That was pretty empowering and motivating. Not to mention, it’s a brand new, beautiful track that was a pleasure to run on. I have always hated running in circles but it was almost enjoyable tonight. Something about the nostalgia of high school. Four years ago I was a senior in HS, trying to get in shape for graduation.

Here is the old track. I didn’t take a picture of the new one because it was dark, and really, I just didn’t think about it.

Here I am with one of my best friend’s to this day. We were laying on the track during Senior Day.

I’m now a senior in college trying to get in shape for graduation, but at a very different place in my life. A lot has happened since then, but things are good. I will be a strong, healthy, confident college graduate in two months!