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It feels like spring in Boston! I think I have ditches the winter jacket for the season, even if it is going to be winter weather. Something about that springtime mentality makes me not so cold!

Although it was certainly warm enough for an outdoor run this morning, I did opt for the gym instead. I’m not at a point where running is always that enjoyable, or at least the idea of it. I’m not used to the fact that I can easily run a mile now and the thought of running brings memories of exhaustion and a sense of failure.

The truth is though that now mile 1.5 feels like what mile .5 felt like just a month or two ago. That is a huge sense of accomplishment in my world and motivates me to keep gong. Someday mile 5 will feel that way. I know it’s possible. The only way to get there is to keep going though so I’m gonna to keep getting myself on that treadmill and running no matter how much the thought of it sucks.

Besides, I feel great now. 🙂 I’m actually blogging from my phone right now! …Or I was before I got to my destination on the train. I didn’t have any reading material with me that wasn’t on my computer and I didn’t want to waste 15 precious minutes of my time. It was the perfect solution, although I am a much faster typist on the computer!

Well, I have midterms upon midterms to complete so I better be off to those.