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It was a busy few weeks…so busy I had no time to blog! Okay, well that’s true for the two weeks that Dance Marathon took over my life. I have no excuse, except maybe that I was in recovery, for the two weeks after DM.

Dance Marathon was most certainly an event that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life. We raised over $25,000 to fight pediatric HIV/AIDS!

The week leading up to DM, my living room became a warehouse of goods. There were 28 loaves of bread in that mess of food!

Add that to the 20 pounds of deli meat, and 24 pounds of carrots in my fridge plus a variety of other goods, and I could have fed 200 people. (Oh right…we did!)It was an incredible journey from day one but none of this would have been possible without the chairs that went above and beyond our wildest dreams in preparation. See the guy in the white shirt who doesn’t look as tired as the rest of us? That’s Jake Glaser!! He is the son of Elizabeth Glaser, who founded EGPAF, which is one of our amazing charities. We were so lucky to have him with us for the weekend!!
Here are the other two overalls and myself at the kickoff dinner. We were feeling the love, and the pre-DM jitters!

And my parents came! I might have been a little mean and made them make a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but they were a huge help and I was so happy they got to be there!

I did have some time for play somewhere in March and we all got together for Crystan’s 22nd birthday. It was a lovely evening!

I’m sure I could ramble on forever and ever about the happenings of the last many weeks, but these were the highlights.

I did manage to be pretty healthy through the madness. The week before DM I cooked up some dinners and stored them all in microwave ready containers for the go. It was fantastic!I fell off the running wagon a little bit and was really worried that I wasn’t going to get back on…but I did! I ran 10 miles this week! Not all at once, but still. I did run 3.2 on Thursday and 3.5 on Friday. That’s over three miles without stopping two days in a row. On Friday I even said “that was an easy 3”. I have never ever said that was an easy anything when it comes to running, let alone 3 miles. It was a good day.

I’ve been putting off doing work for about 8 hours now so I think it’s time to finally get started. Of course, I need to finish getting ready and go to Panera before that happens… Finals are just around the corner and I really need to get started but now that DM is done, I just don’t feel the same sense of urgency about really anything and it’s kind of nice.

I’m more than thrilled for the arrival of summer vacation but I have a lot of things to get done before then, not the least of which is to enjoy the last few weeks of my official undergraduate career. I’ll just take things as they come for now. 🙂