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What a fantastic day for a marathon! Watching a marathon that is. Today was the 115th Boston Marathon which = Marathon Monday. We actual get this day off from school and everything in the city is shut down. Go Boston. First Evacuation Day (also known as St. Patty’s) and then today!? Life is good.

I got out of bed around 7 to a nice sunny morning. I had every intention of heading out for a run and then being super productive but that didn’t quite happen. It was a bit chilly (around 40 degrees) and I knew if I waited a few hours it would be much more pleasant running conditions. I started to do some readings but ended up falling back asleep until 9ish.

I did a 5 mile loop, although I only ran about 3.7. It was super windy and I spent a good portion of the first 2 miles running up a hill against the wind. By mile 4 I was turning back against the wind and decided that my cardio system  had enough of that. I did get to run on the marathon race course for a little while though! Granted, it was well before the marathoners got there and I only did a tiny portion of what they ran, but it was still cool!

I wasn’t even going to watch the marathon at all but after seeing little kids with lemonade stands and smelling the early barbeques starting I couldn’t resist indulging in the festivities.

I headed to Kenmore (around mile 25) and had a great view.  I also got to experience the most massive, non-moving crowd ever.

This is what happens when the end of the Red Sox game meets the world’s largest marathon and a whole lot of road blocks. Yikes!

Now it’s about 6PM and I have yet to do any of the academic work I planned on doing today. Nothing is urgent but it’s going to be if I don’t get started on stuff for finals soon. Ah, I’ll be home in just over three weeks! Can’t wait! The to do list between now and then is scary and seems to be growing by the minute so I guess I better keep pushing on….

Do you find it harder to get organized and started with things or to remain focused and finish them?