Not literally because that easy peasy 2.5 miles did NOT happen this morning. Oops. I WILL do it later today! I wanted to, my body even wanted to, but the windchill was 29 degrees and that didn’t sound so great to me even if I was wide awake and ready to go.

I went to the gym instead but it wasn’t very productive. I am a bit sore (in the good way) from I’m not sure what so I did some stretching. Because my plan was to run today, I didn’t really have a workout plan and I couldn’t seem to put one together on the spot. I ended up doing some not very effective abs and then just giving up and getting on the elliptical for the last 15 minutes. Oh well. At least I went right?

Also, it was Friday, which is the only day I let myself get on the scale. I’m up 2 pounds from last week to the max. number in my normal range…I really would like to see that number go down but in the meantime my jeans are getting looser and I’ve moved in nearly two notches on my belt, so that’s a good sign right?

Yesterday I was very productive and I would like to have another one of those days…so I guess I better finish getting ready and get myself out the door!

Happy Friday!