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I think I’m becoming addicted to fitness.

Yesterday, I went to my first yoga class at Sweat and Soul Yoga in Boston. I’m in love.

I haven’t done yoga since it was an option in my high school gym class, but reading all these blogs (addiction #1) has made me really want to try it. I don’t have a mat or anything, but this studio has free ones to use. Also, the classes are all drop-in only and a really reasonable price. There were only about 5 people in the class and the instructor was super helpful. I will definitely be back there.

The fact that I went to yoga yesterday afternoon meant that I did not go for that run afterall. I did manage to get myself out the door and do 2.8 (a good amount of this was up a slow incline but I made it) before the rain struck. I sat in my bed watching the radar, making sure that I wouldn’t get poured on. I considered putting it off another day as my whole body is a bit sore but I made it out there and it felt great. Running = addiction #2.
It just feels oh so great to be able to get myself out the door and run without kicking and screaming the whole time. I ran 5x this week! Getting myself to the gym every morning is second nature and requires no thought. In fact, if I don’t get there…it’s not going to be a happy day for me or anyone who has to talk to me. I want that to become me + running.

In order for that to happen I need a plan. A solid plan is still in the works but right now I’m focusing on increasing weekly mileage and distance at one time without any specific days assigned. This is partially due to crazy New England weather.

This week I ran 11 miles with a long run of 3.7 miles. I’m looking to increase weekly mileage by about 10% and the long runs by 15% each week. That puts me at about 12.5 miles next week with a long run about 4.5 miles. Half marathon: I WILL beat you. I think I might just find a whole new meaning in running and fitness overall along the way.

Have a great Easter everyone!