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It’s been a busy few days at work: making name tags, sorting t-shirts, creating chaperone lists, and permission slips upon permission slips. It all came together today for the first field trip of the summer program.

We (and by we I mean myself, my boss, 9 counselors, and 65 children) got ourselves situated on the bus bright and early this morning and off we went to the Fort Rickey Petting Zoo. I forgot I feel about school buses; especially when they are filled with hyper and bouncing off the wall children. I wish I had that kind of energy!!

Overall, it was a fantastic trip and the kids had a lot of fun but boy am I exhausted!! I’m determined not to go to bed before sunset at the very least!


It’s looking like a pretty low-key weekend, although the weather is supposed to be beautiful and I would like to test out the new bathing suits. Now that my gym buddy is back from San Diego I am looking forward to some quality gym time. I better get it all in while I can before she moves to North Carolina in a few weeks. 😦 I guess I’ll just have to go visit!