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Last night I picked up my little cousin and headed over to GRB, my alma mater, for the home opener of the football season. The last time I went to a game I was in high school myself. It was a bit of a different experience 5 years later!!

I’d like to say that the score you see up there is a mistake, but unfortunately it’s not. In the middle of the fourth quarter we were down by 40 points. We had a redeeming touchdown in the last minute of the game for a final score of 70-36 Cortland-Fulton.  It’s only up from here!

While putting these pictures up I realized that I have taken a total of <10 pictures this summer. I have a few more on my phone that I’m going to upload (hopefully today) but still…eek! My goal is to take more pictures this fall – after all it is my last fall in Boston.  I might miss this whole college deal in the future, but boy it doesn’t seem like it now!

I did get a solid 45 minute workout in at the gym this morning. 20 minutes of sweat-inducing cycling and a random 25 minutes of TRX/core/free weights. Hey…something > nothing.

Alright, off to do a few things before my dinner date with Pete & Sarah at Panera!