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To think…one week ago today I was in NY and barely packed. Now I’m in Boston, fully settled (well as much as I plan on being) and well underway with work.

First I would like to address the recent (and probably future) lack of photos: I like blogging and I want to blog but I hate taking pictures. When I don’t take pictures I feel like I can’t blog…and you see where this is going right? So the deal is that I’m going to blog, pictures or no pictures. Maybe once I get in the habit of blogging, I can work on the picture thing. One step at a time here.

It’s been quite the week in Boston. I jumped right into grad school version 2.0 just 12 hours after I got back to Beantown. No time to waste here! In the midst of a very full week of classes, I managed to get everything out of suitcases and into a mountain of clothes in the closet.

I spent all afternoon Saturday doing some serious organizing and cleaning. I even mopped the entire apartment.  I tried to enjoy myself by tuning into some good college football while I slaved away like Cinderella. It was worth it though because now the apartment is all spiffy and I feel much more at home.

I also had my first driving experiences in Boston this past week. I was so nervous but it really wasn’t that bad at all. The traffic hasn’t been horrendous and at least when it is noone is really moving so there is much less potential for accidents. Parking is a different story, but I’ll get there…I hope.

There will be more to come about my clinical placement, but I like it so far! I’m working with a bilingual speech therapist in Boston Public Schools. The placement is awesome…my Spanish not so much!

Classes are pretty low key. I make that statement based on the following quotes from my professors:

“To be honest, I just made up the drop dates because they have to be on there and I didn’t look them up.”

“Please like my facebook page for frequent updates.”

“We’re ending class an hour early today so I can catch a plane.”

Yep…just another year of grad school. I just keep thinking, next year at this time I will be employed (hopefully)!