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This week started out with turning this:









Into a much more pleasant living environment, which I don’t have a picture of…but I promise it’s comfortable and cozy just like my room should be!


I also took the opportunity to FINALLY use my birthday present (it only took me 5 weeks). My new food processor! It’s awesome!!

It may not look like much, because it wasn’t more than chopped tomatoes with some spices. I had a lot of tomatoes that were about to spoil so I thought I would chop them and throw them in a pasta bowl. It was a little bland but it worked.

There were not major catastrophes this week, just settling into the chatotic routine of life here. I think that’s an oxymoron. What can I say…things are always, and I do mean always, changing. I have very little semblance of a routine except for the few classes that meet every week. It gets a little stressful but who am I kidding, I love it.

So this morning the pumpkin has not turned into the carriage but I do have a CAR and a PUMPKIN LATTE from Panera. I ❤ Panera!

I plan on heading to Providence to see Kelsy in a few hours so I better go get some work done first!