I have so many weird bruises…on the top of my wrist, a random patch on my arm, my shins. And an awesome turf burn on my knees. I couldn’t feel better!

I made it to Crossfit on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, as well as this morning. Man, some of those WOD’s (workout of the day) are tough!

Today’s WOD:

30 dead lifts > 200m sprint > 30 pull-ups > 200m sprint > 30 wall-balls >200m sprint > 30 wall-balls > 200m sprint > 30 pull-ups > 200m sprint > 30 dead lifts.

I thought my arms were going to fall off. It was intense and awesome.

When I showed up at the box this morning, I was a mix of not fun emotions. It had been a really difficult week in my personal life and I fought the urge to hide under the covers all day to get there. I made a promise to myself that I would give this workout my all. I wanted to sweat out all the negative energy inside me.

I didn’t finish the workout in the 20 minute time limit (I got done with my last sprint just as they called time, so I didn’t get in the last 30 deadlifts), but that was okay. I gave that workout my all and I did feel SO MUCH BETTER afterward.

So all those weird bruises and turf burns feel great. They remind me that I am stronger than the little voice in my head. And that is worth some banged up knees, for sure.