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Let’s talk about the WODs that I did this week. I would have recapped after each one, but I swear that my body was too sore to function, let alone open my computer and write a blog post. So let’s just recap this week of soreness.


6 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

–          6 burpees

–          6 snatches

This was my first experience with snatches. They weren’t so bad. Neither were the burpees. Until I was 3 minutes in the workout…



Crossfit Open 13.1 – So this workout was insane. It was a 17 minute AMRAP with some ridiculous amount of burpees and snatches. However, if you look at Tuesday…I already had put myself through that version of hell this week. When I saw them on the board, I wanted to cry. And go home.

Thank goodness, our coach had mercy on the beginner’s class and we did not have to do the open workout. Instead we did a modified workout with push presses and box jumps. Still not easy!! I push pressed 40#. Honestly, it was a little light and I should have added weight. Next time.


Next time for that adding weight came awful fast. We did thrusters, which are a combination of a squat and a push press. Allison told me to put 55# on my bar. It wasn’t so bad for the first few, but man this workout was killer.

A total of 50 thrusters

EMOM: bear crawl/5 toes to bar

Basically, we had to do a total of 50 thrusters, but every minute on the minute (EMOM), we had to do a bear crawl alternating with 5 toes to bar.  True story: I fell off the bar doing toes to bar, but I was so focused on finishing the workout I barely noticed everyone else gasp and I just got up and kept going.

And then, since we were done with the WOD at 9:45, as some sort of crossfit torture, Allison took us outside to do lunges and sprints. Why do I love this place so much?!

As for other workouts last week:

Monday – Cardiobarre (I will write a review soon)

Wednesday  – Rest

Friday – Cardiobarre

Sunday – Rest


Cheers to another week of pushing my limits and muscle soreness!

Do you enjoy crazy intense workouts?