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I made it to Crossfit Synapse 4X this week! And I can still move. Now that’s an accomplishment. It was actually a great week at the box for me!

I can’t actually remember what we worked on Monday (note to self: starting writing these things down before 5 days pass..), but I can almost guarantee it involved shoulder presses. I say this because I seriously did them in 4/5 consecutive workouts. My shoulders are weak. I get it already!

Tuesday’s WOD involved: double unders, shoulder presses, toes to bar and kettle ball swings. It was a mirror workout, meaning that you start with the double unders (75) >> shoulder presses (20) >> toes to bar (30) >> kettle ball swings (40) >> toes to bar (30) >> shoulder presses (20) >>double unders (75).

For those of us who couldn’t do double unders, we had to substitute 200 singles. I actually did get some double unders for the first time (!!!), but didn’t do them in the WOD. Thanks to some amazing crossfit vets, I was able to get 5 double unders in a row. I was so proud!

I finished the WOD in 15:15, using 55# for the shoulder presses and 26# for the kettle ball swings. Woohoo!

Thursday: I mastered did a few 20 inch box jumps! I was convinced that I couldn’t jump that high, but Allison really pushed me and I did it. It felt great!! We did 13.2.

Deadlifts. Yes! Shoulder presses. Again?!

I modified by using 55# instead of 75# and I also used a smaller box. I completed 7 full rounds. 🙂

Saturday: Rope climb. I tried. Next time rope…next time. We also did lots of weighted lunges in this one. The WOD had some hang cleans and jerks too, but I’m not pro at those movements so I did the scaled workout. I’m only 11 classes in afterall. 😉

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Workout plan for the week:

Sunday: Yoga            Monday: Cardio Barre           Tuesday: Crossfit          Wednesday: Off        Thursday: Crossfit                 Friday: Cardio Barre

What’s your favorite exercise move?