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So I never actually went grocery shopping last week. I was trying to make it to the weekend in efforts to spend less money and eat some of the things I already had. It also forces some creativity! 😉

I know that meal planning could also save me money, but I’m not willing to be that structured with my meals right now. Maybe once I move in with the boy, but for now, I like just going with the flow and experimenting.

My usual plan of attack in the grocery store is to get the staples (yogurt, eggs, orange juice, some type of milk, peanut butter [obviously] as well as anything else I’ve run out of. I usually try to keep in the pantry: cereal, oats, rice, pasta, couscous/quinoa, and soups. I also like to have chicken, tofu, and ground turkey on hand, as well as some frozen veggies.

Then it’s on to the produce section. I almost always buy: apples, bananas, spinach, green/red peppers, onions, avocados, and tomatoes. Then I buy 1-2 other fruits, 1-2 other vegetables, and quite often some sweet potato (I don’t really know if this is a veggie…?).

Then I tend to just throw things together based on what I have. I get things like this:


Whole wheat pasta (leftovers), roasted zucchini (left overs), onion, garlic, cheddar/jack cheese blend, and a marinara sauce. The whole thing took 5 minutes in the pan since everything was precooked. It was delicious! And even better on day two. Score!


Animal Cracker Pancakes! I am guilty of buying the giant animal cracker bears from Target…But then I get to the end and just have crumbs. I decided that I should put them to good use. I tossed them in the food processor with some Greek yogurt, apple sauce, baking powder, baking soda, milk, and VOILA!

Since I hardly ever use recipes for pancakes and just wing it on proportions, they don’t always come out light and fluffy. However, these were a definite winner!


I did NOT make this cake. We had a birthday in the office so I picked up this beauty from a local Armenian bakery, per recommendation of the CVS cashier. #Win.





Do you follow recipes or just wing it?