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Last week I posted that I had just 90 days before I relocated back to the East Coast. I also decided that I want to eat clean more and to eat processed less.

I will admit, when I say that I want to eat less crap, I usually then spend all my time thinking about wanting sugar. But last week, for the first time (maybe ever), I didn’t really think about crave sweets.

I had a small bowl of ice cream on Wednesday, a square of dark chocolate on Thursday, and a piece of cake on Friday at work. I’m not even sure why I ate the cake (probably because it was someone’s birthday and it was pretty), but I felt gross after.

I made some creative meals, ate out once (a falafel burger with arugula salad), and overall, ate clean. Add that to 4 days of crossfit and a long trampoline jumping session, and I feel great! It’s going to be a challenge to keep this up while on vacation, but I know that if I stick with it…I will see and FEEL the results I want.

How do you motivate yourself to eat clean?