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I just finished the last of my 10 classes at Cardio Barre in Studio City.


To be completely honest, I’m glad that I’ve used up this Groupon. This is NOT to say anything bad about the instructors or the class itself. The instructors did an amazing job at leading the class, helping with technique, and pushing you to try your hardest. Also, the music was pretty awesome. A whole playlist of Britney Spears, N’Sync and 90s flashbacks. Yes please!

It’s not that the classes were too easy either. Overall, I would say it was an easier class (especially in comparison to the barre classes I took at Pop Physique earlier in the year), but I definitely felt the burn. Contrary to popular belief, barre classes are not easy my friends.

I just got a little, bored, with the classes. I liked the ballet style warm-up, and I also enjoyed most of the leg work. However, I felt like the arm and ab work was a little too “flowy” for my liking. By this I mean, it moved very quickly and I didn’t feel like I was working my muscles as hard as I could in a different routine.

I should also mention that I took the advanced class for 8/10 of my classes. The beginner felt a bit too slow-paced/easy for me.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t go back to Cardio Barre. At the moment, I’m pretty much over barre classes in general. However, if you’re looking for a place to get long, lean muscles with no impact — this is a great choice for you! And if you’re looking for a place with a bit more focus on sculpting, definitely check out Pop Physique.

Did I mention that SPRING BREAK has officially began?! Off to go pack and plan for my epic road trip! đŸ˜€