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Happy (belated) Easter everyone! I hope you are all had fun-filled days with your loved ones!

It was actually a quiet solo Easter over here. I made it to yoga this morning. It hurt. so. good. Actually, my muscles were so insanely tight, I only fully made it into about half of the poses.

Other than that I spent my day lounging around, making to do lists (side note: why does everything cost so much money??), and talking to the boy on the phone.

Oh and I ate half a bag of these:


So. Good. The Activate water, courtesy of Lululemon, was also great. Definitely would buy that!

So I failed to write a week two update since I was hiking through Yosemite and exploring San Francisco. Since week three is already over, I might as well kill two birds with one post stone.

I’m still not ready to share pictures/I didn’t take any after week 3. Honestly, part of me didn’t want to take a picture since I kind of strayed from the healthy/controlled eating while on vacation.

I did really well with healthy snacking and meals in week two. I also made it to Crossfit 4 times. I actually finished my Crossfit Groupon last week. Since I’m officially obsessed, I paid for the next two months (2 months = amount of time left in LA?!).

While on my trip, I actually did okay with the healthy eating. Minus a giant piece of chocolate cake, and a Ghiradhelli ice cream cone.


Hey, it was vacation. Oh…and I totally earned those treats. Just wait until you read about my adventures (posts coming soon)!

However, there definitely was not enough greenery in my meals. And certainly not enough water for the level of activity during the week. In general, I would say I ate less meals and snacked more, but the calorie count probably ended up the same.

I packed a bunch of healthy, filling snacks, including: trail mix (next time must get one without added sugar), whole grain crackers, peanut butter (obviously), raisins, apples, oranges, Kashi cereal and a mix of power bars.

I think I did pretty good on the snacks. Notes for future road trips: – Bring baby wipes for hands/steering wheel
– Divvy up peanut butter into small containers for on the go
– Bring a knife to cut apples for dipping in peanut butter
– Pack some veggies…I’m always craving them by the end!

Stay tuned for next weeks ONE MONTH update on the 90 day challenge!