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I have many things to share, including good eats, not so awesome workouts, and an awesome craft. But not tonight. Tonight, I want to share a much more personal, much more important note.

Never take your friendships for granted. Never let good friendships fade into memories.<!–em Everyone has a final paper, bills to pay, busy children, or whatever going on. But whatever is going on, it’s important to take a few minutes here or there to remind your loved ones they are loved and to connect with people from all aspects of your life. It’s definitely much easier to keep up with the people you see everyday, but in the name of friendships, out of sight = out of mind.

Tonight, I had the honor to meet up with one of my dearest friends from college. She was in LA for just one day for an interview, but I was not about to pass up and opportunity to catch up with her. I haven’t seen her for TWO YEARS. Not only that,but I can’t remember the last time we chatted.

It was so amazing to see her. We couldn’t believe it had been so long. And we promised to never let that much time lapse again.


Addendum: Allie is an amazing individual. She is so strong, so driven, and incredibly inspiring. I love you girl!

Time flies my friends. Make the most of it. ❤