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After my epic hike in Yosemite, I headed westward to San Francisco. I was excited to be in civilization again! However, I was not so excited about these hills…P1030901

They actually weren’t nearly as bad as they looked. Or maybe I was just comparing it to the treacherous journey the day before?

I got to my hotel around 2PM, but it was still too early to check-in.  Luckily, they parked my car and stored my luggage, so I was free to explore.

I headed three blocks over to Union Square. I think I might have been hangry (hungry + angry) at this point because I was not at all impressed. It was a square, with a little park and lots of shopping. After a hot cocoa and a power bar, I was feeling much more content. I mean, I love shopping!!

I had some time to kill before I was to meet up with a friend from college for dinner. I wandered a bit, went back to the hotel to settle in, and bought a belt (I really needed one ASAP!) before we met up. We went to a Chinese restaurant, not in Chinatown, and it was decent. I can’t remember the name at the moment, and it wasn’t good enough for me to look up as a recommendation. 😛

P1030823 P1030807 P1030804

I did take a stroll through Chinatown after dinner to snap a few pictures. I was pretty exhausted by 9PM and headed back to the hotel to crash.


On Thursday, I decided to take a little driving tour of the city’s hilly terrain.


I found the Full House house!


I made my way down to Fisherman’s Wharf, where I explored Pier 39, had some authentic clam chowder and a crab cake. Yum! No pictures of the food, as I ate while standing in line for my bay cruise and only have so many hands.

P1030885 P1030875

The bay cruise was awesome. We sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge (!) and around Alcatraz. Very cool. Definitely the highlight of the day.


Afterward, I made my way over to Ghiradhelli Square. Obviously, I had to have dessert from  the site of the original factory. It did not disappoint!


I walked up a giant hill to see Lombard Street, also known as “the crookedest street”, which totally made up for the ice cream anyway! This street is so steep, the twists and turns were made to enable cars to go down it. Cool, huh?

For dinner, I met up with the daughter of my mom’s friend. We wanted to go to Burma Superstar, but the wait was too long. The host sent us over to B*Star, their sister restaurant. I had the Thai salmon potpie, and it was absolutely amazing. If you’re in SF, GO!

It was a long day, but I got to see lots of neat stuff and eat my way through the city. Overall, it was great and I certainly slept well!

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