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It has been 30 days since I began my 90 day challenge. For those of you new to the blog, I started this challenge 90 days before my moving-back-to-NY date. I didn’t set any super-specific goals, create a special diet or fitness plan, but I wanted to get healthier and tone up. I have attempted to do this by:

– Crossfit 3-4x/week: I have a new found love for the sport and am getting stronger everyday!

– Reducing sugar intake: I certainly haven’t given up sugar, but I am trying to cut back. My snacks are healthier and I limit sweets to one small treat per day, ideally less than 150 calories. Treats have included most ice cream and pieces of chocolate. No more mindless snacking on candy.

Increasing fruit and veggie intake. This has actually been a lot more fun than I thought! I’m have lots of fun experimenting in the kitchen these days. Smile

I can’t believe that I am about to do this, but here are some before/after pictures for the first 30 days. AHHH.


I definitely see a difference, but am starting to lose motivation…hopefully posting pictures of myself for the world to see (AHHHH) will help curb the desire to eat sweet bread at work today….

A note: I am only measuring my progress by these pictures, how my clothes fit, and how I feel. I dislike scales for various reasons and my tape measure is dysfunctional. My pants are definitely getting looser though!

Are you on a tone-up/weight loss journey? How do you measure progress?