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Last night I had the opportunity to attend an aerial yoga class at Aeriform Arts, in North Hollywood. I had been to an aerial yoga class back in 2011 in Boston.



This picture is from the first time a went to a class. It was so much fun, so when I saw a Living Social deal online, I knew that I wanted to try out this studio.

Cool Fact: The silks can hold up to 2000 pounds! You may be upside down in the air, but those silks have your back!


I headed over tonight around 6PM and was pleased to find lots of parking (always an issue in LA). The studio was small and intimate. The class had a total of 7 people, which felt perfect. The instructor, Victoria was super nice and helped me get all set up.

I have an unexplained fear of being upside down. If you don’t know anything about aerial yoga, we spend a lot of time upside down. I remember at my first class in Boston, I was too afraid to invert myself and let my hands go. At least I made it completely upside down today!

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Well…in the second inversion, at least. The first one was a little less successful. Letting go was at first a mental thing, but then once I did the silks started pressing into my hip bones and hurting. Then, I may or may not have gotten my ring caught somewhere between the silks and my shirt. I actually got stuck upside down with my ring jabbing into my knuckle. Ow! (And super embarrassing!) Note to self: take off rings before attempting any acrobatic workout.

I have two more classes with my deal. I’m planning on checking out Aerial Cirque next!

Have you ever been to an aerial yoga class? How do you feel about being upside down??