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Confession time. Clean eating has not been going so well the past few days. I told you all how I had an indulgent weekend, but I was ready to bounce back on the wagon. Well, that hasn’t quite happened.

I haven’t been eating copious amounts of cheesecake or anything like that, but the cookies that got passed around at a meeting, the candy that was left on the table….oops.

It’s not that I feel fat per se. I don’t even feel like I’ve started gaining anything back. It’s just a dangerous path to get stuck on.

Also, I just feel “blah”. And I don’t like feeling blah, when I know that I can do something about it.

It’s never too late to clean it up again right?? I could really use a bit of motivation/encouragement though! I foresee some quality Pinterest time in the near future…


How do you stay motivated??