Sunday morning, my parents and I headed over to Burbank for the Warner Brothers VIP tour. It was on my LA Bucket List, so I was pretty excited to finally check it off my list.


We got to the Warner Brothers Studio around 9:30, about a half hour earlier than our tour was scheduled to start. There were some openings left for the 9:45 tour, so we had a short wait.

Our tour started with a short video about the history of Warner Brothers. Then we met our tour guide and headed to our tram. Our tour guide was friendly and very knowledgeable.

Some highlights:

WB Studio



Look! It’s the church from Gilmore Girls!  Sadly, Luke’s Diner was under construction, so I couldn’t embrace the full Gilmore spirit. I was still pretty psyched. (Note: I was lame and didn’t take many pictures…this one is credited to: tripadvisor.com)

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the sound stages, but we were able to see the sets for Two and Half Men, Big Bang Theory, and The Ellen Show. So cool!

And check this out!



The tour wrapped up on the Warner Brothers museum. There were costumes and artifacts on the first floor, which included a Haley James CD from One Tree Hill and the piano with Charlie’s ashes from Two and Half Men. The second floor was devoted to Harry Potter. I got to see his wand! And Aragog. Man, that thing is creepy.




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It was a great tour! I’m not really into movies, so I didn’t recognize a lot of the sets, but it was still fun nonetheless. If you are a TV/film fan, I highly recommend the tour.