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I had planned to post a few speech/classroom ideas today, but in light of all the recent events, it just doesn’t feel right. Rather, I will write in honor, memory and respect of all the victims of Monday’s events, of all the law enforcement and first responders, and of anyone has ever called Boston home.


Boston is….

– a nightmare for speech therapists who like to work on /r/ (where did you pahk yah cah?)

– home to cat size rats (I’ll spare you a picture).

– a city with more than 60 colleges within its surround areas. That’s a lot of smart and/or drunk young adults!

– walkable from one end to the other, in less time than you can drive across LA.

– a mecca for all library enthusiasts.

– a giant wind tunnel, especially on Comm. Ave.

– a bad place to try and own an umbrella for more than a month (they can’t stand the wind and just break/blow away).

– the best place to celebrate the fourth of July.

– the only city that can justify not one, but TWO holidays to public debauchery and mayhem (3/17: Evacuation Day/St. Patrick’s Day & Patriot’s Day: 3rd Monday of April/Marathon Monday).

– full of public transit that is slower than walking. At least they try!

– one of the top cities in the national for medical research and advances.

– a place where you can hear the fans sing “Sweet Caroline” from your dorm room every home game.

– full of history, museums, and culture.

– an excellent place to find a margarita (Sunset, I’m looking at you!)

– home to the world’s greatest marathon (forever and always).

…and SO much more!!


What is your favorite piece of Boston?