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I thought it was a cliché, but crossfit is proving to me that I can do things I never thought possible.

Let’s talk about box jumps:

– When I first started crossfit, I was scared to jump on the 12 inch box. I’m pretty sure I did it anyway, but it wasn’t fun.

– Then, after about a month I decided to tackle the 20 inch box. However, the box looks scary, and I really couldn’t do it. But I could jump on the box with the bigger base a few times.

– I did 90 box jumps on the big-based 20 inch box.

– Last Friday, we were trying to figure out how we were going to share the big-based box, when Allison called me over. I was going to have to jump on the damn box. And I did. For the whole WOD. It wasn’t even that bad. Heck yes!!

That’s my box jump progression over two months. (Well that man is not me…)Pretty amazing if you ask me!!

^^ Maybe someday I’ll be able to do that?!

I also was pretty pumped that I snatched 50# yesterday. That was 10# more than I had done the week before. When Allison told me to add 2.5’s, I was like…you are crazy. But I guess she wasn’t because I did them all.

In addition I ran that 5k on Monday and felt way better than I ever have after I ran 3 miles. Last week I ran a mile and actual had to slow down so my (in shape) running partner could keep up. So yeah, I feel pretty awesome about all this.

Now it’s on to mastering the pull-up, the rope climb, and a million other things….


Have you achieved what you thought was impossible? What’s your next fitness goal?