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Week 6 was a tough one for me. I could make excuses (my parents were here, I traveled a bit, I was overtired, I didn’t plan well enough, etc.), but when it comes down to it, I just didn’t have a great week in terms of food/sleep & that made me feel crappy all around.

I don’t want to belabor the negative feelings, but I also want my readers (all like 5 of you) to know that this is normal. I’m not on a diet or any other miracle plan. This is my lifestyle. And a key aspect is b-a-l-a-n-c-e. So yeah, not thrilled with some of my choices last week, but there were also a lot of positives (<<Crossfit success!) and in the scheme of things, it was just one week.

I do feel like my pants are a bit tighter than they were a few weeks ago, but I’m not going to obsess. Instead, I am going to focus this week on adding back in the healthy (vs. subtracting the unhealthy), an idea inspired by Caitlin (major blog crush).




Number one “adding priority” this week = water. The lack of water going in my body has become a serious problem lately. And it’s such an easy fix.


(PS: Click the picture for an interesting link on the importance of hydration.)


The rest of this week is back to regularly scheduled programming:


Also known as: A giant mess in the kitchen during food prep.

I have lots of posts planned and hopefully I can stay awake long enough to write some of them tomorrow. Sorry (but not sorry) that you will be getting a weekend recap around Thursday or so…it happens people.