Less than 6 weeks until the 90 Day Challenge is over! That means I am more than halfway there. Granted, I don’t want to start eating fast food {not that I did before either} or quit working out afterward. I really like the weekly pictures. It’s motivating and keeps me honest with myself.

I actually didn’t take pictures after week 5 or week 6, because I was busy. Don’t worry though, {or maybe you should for what you are about to see…} I took the camera out this morning.

                   WEEK 4:                                                             WEEK 7:

Week 4 - Front

Week 7 - FrontWeek 7 - SideWeek 4 - SideWeek 4 - BackWeek 7 - Back







I have to say that I’m a little disappointed with the lack of change between week 4 and week 7. However, I know that there were an unusual amount of indulgences when my parents were here, and last week too.

I had all these intentions of eating clean M-F last week, but then there was cake. And good cookies. And more cake. And a croissant. Shit. Regardless of all that, I felt decent throughout the week. My meals were healthy and I limited snacking at home.

Surprisingly, this weekend my eating is in check. I may have eaten the entire loaf of banana bread, but at least it was {relatively} healthy. I went to happy hour on Friday night but haven’t been out to eat since.

Overall, I think that I am still moving in the right direction and I have high hopes for better progress next week!