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I feel like it should be Friday already! Alas, it’s merely Wednesday. The past two days have been productive overall, and nothing awful happened, but I just feel kind of “blah”.

Monday I had a last-minute trip to the dentist. Everything is all fine with my teeth, which is excellent news. However, my experience at Western Dental was one I choose to never repeat. Think dentistry Red Cross blood drive style, minus the friendly faces. Oy vey!

Then I trekked the North Hollywood region in search of a notary public for my NYS SLP license application. (!!) After 4 stops, I finally found a notary who was available and willing to help a girl out. Bonus: she was nice!

By the time all that happened, I could have came home, changed super quickly and turned around for crossfit. That didn’t sound all that exciting, so I called my best friend (whose birthday was yesterday!) and had a nice catch-up session.

I was hungry, didn’t want to cook and had been craving a burger since Sunday night so I headed to Fuddruckers. I had never been there before, and I have to say I was impressed!


I had the turkey burger with cheddar cheese on whole wheat. It was fresh and delicious. Plus, I loved that you could add your own toppings! I have been missing out on this gem that is right now the road. I will definitely be back before I leave town!




I still had a bunch of leftover negative energy from the past few weeks that I just couldn’t shake and I decided that I was going to get rid of that once and for all. 


I ended the night with a glass of red wine, candle light, Norah Jones, and my yoga mat. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep in Savasana. I have no recollection of blowing out the candles or climbing in bed. I also didn’t set my alarm….oops!

As my mom told me, waking up late is better than the alternative!




How do you get rid of negative energy??