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That sounds like an oxymoron, I’m aware. After work yesterday, I was tired but definitely no more than usual. Especially, since I had an alarm clock fail in the morning!

I got a little busy planning my road trip, but was determined to go to crossfit after skipping a workout all together Monday night. As soon as I got to the gym, I realized I didn’t exactly feel up to a WOD.

I don’t know if it was mental/laziness or if I physically didn’t feel up to it. I think it might have been a combination, but I decided that I wasn’t going to push it too much.

Instead of doing the snatch intensive WOD with some wall balls and running, I opted to work on some skills that I would like to improve. I also just wasn’t up to lifting weights; I kind of felt like I would have dropped them on my head.

So I worked on my double unders {they’re getting there!}, pull-ups {I’m down to just the green band…that’s good for me!} and some handstand pushup progressions.

I felt like I cheated myself, and I feel guilty for not giving it my all, but I really didn’t think I had it in me. But I still sweat! I have to remember that it’s okay to not give 110% sometimes. I came home, booked a bunch of hotels for our adventure {I’ll fill you in later!} and headed for bed nice and early.

I definitely made the right choice and I’m glad I listened to my body!


Have you ever taken a road trip? Do you want to?