It is hot, hot, hot! Granted, I am sitting outside in the blazing sun. I won’t lie…I love it!

I also love peanut butter, which you may or may not have figured out by now. When my parents left a few weeks ago, they left behind a bag of peanuts.


As much as I adore PB, I really hate shelling peanuts and knew that I was unlikely to eat them if I had to shell them each time.

Then I remembered my unsuccessful attempt to make almond butter at Christmas. And decided that I should try my hand {food processor} at nut butter making again.

While catching up on what I’m sure was a trashy TV show, I shelled the whole bag of peanuts. Then, I simply put them in the food processor.


For a LOOOONG time. Seriously. To the point where I thought the food processor was going to overheat or the neighbors were going to complain of a noise disturbance.


But nothing overheated and nobody complained and I had peanut butter!


The verdict??? It was decent. It wasn’t as smooth as I like peanut butter, so it probably needed to mixed even longer. And it was too salty. But I think that could be solved by buying unsalted peanuts. Overall, I would do it again if I needed to use a bag of peanuts, but I’d rather just buy in pre-made. Winking smile


Have you ever made nut butter? What’s your favorite kind?