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Overall, I would say last week was good for me. I felt like I got back on track in a sustainable way. By sustainable I mean that I feel good about my food and exercise choices without feeling like I was making sacrifices. I realize that my level of health/fitness isn’t the same as everyone {or anyone} else, but I am trying to find what makes ME happy and what makes ME feel good.

Eating wise: I think I did alright this week. I had a few sweet treats, but way less than the week before. I did go out to eat twice and stop for frozen yogurt once, but I made some good choices while I was out. At the Cheesecake Factory I opted for an appetizer sized arugula salad. Then I ate a lot of bread because I was hungrier than I thought… And my frozen yogurt was just froyo sans toppings. Definitely always room for improvement in this department though!!

Exercise wise: The beginning of the week wasn’t so hot, but I more than made up for it in the second half of the week. After Monday, I was ready to pick myself up and get back to Synapse on Tuesday. It was a bit of a letdown though…as soon as I got there, I realized I just didn’t feel up for a WOD. Especially a snatch heavy WOD. Instead I did a modified WOD with pull-ups, push-ups and squats. I still got my sweat on and it was better than nothing! From Wednesday forward, things started to heat up.

I promise you recap posts on aerial cirque and Qué Terible later this week! Let’s just say, I did some pretty badass moves last week!

Weekly Workout Recap:

Sunday: Yoga
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Crossfit
Wednesday: Crossfit
Thursday: Aerial Cirque
Friday: Crossfit –> Qué Terible!
Saturday: Off

I did take pictures, but they look just like last weeks, so I’m not going to put them up. I feel a difference though, and it feels good.


How did you do last week on meeting your health/fitness goals?