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Oh my goodness. This is the second Friday that I have made it to Synapse and with good reason. Fridays are KILLER! I’m not sure why they picked Friday as massacre day…but better than Monday right?

There was no time limit on this, so you just had to finish. I finally collapsed on the floor after approximately 32 minutes.

The RX weights at our box are ridiculously insane and nowhere close to what I can lift. For that reason, I can’t recall the RX weights. I do know that we needed 4 different weights for this WOD, and they decreased with each lift. I’m pretty sure the girls dead lift RX was 225#. Someday….

I was able to lift: 105# for deadlifts, 65# for cleans, 35# for squat snatches and front squats. It was a tough workout, but I certainly slept good afterward!

{On an unrelated note}: For this post I learned how to transform text –> pictures. It was super easy & I was able to pin it right to Pinterest. Expect to see more of these in the future!


I love learning new things for my blog! I recently joined healthylivingblogs.com and am very excited to be a part of this community!


What is something that you want to learn??