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In the past few weeks, I have had a few people ask me how to “get started” on a healthy lifestyle. Now I understand that there a million books, articles, programs, websites, you-name-it-they-have-it, out there telling you how to get healthy.

Talk about overwhelming!


Maybe you are just starting a weight loss journey; maybe you are looking to tweak something here or there; maybe you are just interested in hearing my ramblings. Below are a few tips that I recommend for your journey. Some of them are old news, some are controversial, and some are just plain honest facts that reflect me.

  • There are 500 million different diet plans out there. I don’t diet. Dieting sucks. I fail because I want a cookie and then I feel like shit about myself. No fun. I try to limit the cookies, but probably fail at that too, if I’m really being honest.
  • Eat clean. A little bit vague, but that leaves it open for interpretation right? I try to eat as little processed food as possible. By this I mean that most of my weekly shopping trip includes fresh veggies and fruits. If I am buying packaged things, I looked for the “natural version”. The less ingredients the better. Especially if you can recognize most/all of them {i.e. no long names that remind me of chemistry class}.
  • Natural does not = organic. For instance, my peanut butter is not organic, but the only ingredients are peanuts and salt. I have no qualms with organic food. In fact, I’m sure there are plenty of benefits to organic food. I’ve always believed a little dirt never hurt anyone. I guess that opinion extends to the chemicals? Okay no, not really. Let me be honest. Organic food is expensive. And if non-organic was that unhealthy, the FDA wouldn’t allow it to be sold. If I’m prioritizing, organic just isn’t at the top of my list.
  • If money is tight, frozen veggies and fruits are just as good. Canned are not. Look at the labels. Holy salt. Go frozen. Or local. Try farmer’s markets! {Also, farmers markets have free samples and who doesn’t love free samples?}
  • Eat when you’re hungry. Or when you’re not. But try low calorie/filling snacks. Examples: veggies with hummus, air popped popcorn (put kernels in a paper bag in the microwave, then add salt/whatever after), yogurt.
  • Consider smoothies. An amazing current fitness trend to get fruits and veggies without having to eat them. 
  • Join Pinterest. It’s a huge time suck, but there are a million plus one awesome recipes. And workouts.
  • If you have a problem with sugar {like me}, check out this awesome article by Tina. It’s awesome. Like my favorite blog post of all time.
  • Remember, that a bad moment doesn’t equal a bad day or a bad week. Accept it and move on. If you really want the cookie, eat it. Enjoy it. It’s dumb if you don’t enjoy it!
  • Any exercise is still exercise. I don’t care if I walk around the block to check out the new bakery. It counts. Even if you walk to buy a cookie. The walking still counts.


  • I occasionally food journal. Usually only for a few days to get myself on track. But it keeps more more accountable and helps me get back on track.
  • I like to mark on a calendar when I workout. That way I can visually see how many days I went to crossfit, did something else, or took a rest day. I also tend to need a visual to help me know that I need a rest day. But that just because I’m a fitness freak.
  • I take pictures to mark my progress. I ultimately dislike scales and don’t use one on a regular basis. Pictures are definitely the most motivating/tangible motivation for me. Also, I use my skinny jeans as a great measurement tool. Do what works for you, but don’t get obsessed with the numbers. Numbers aren’t everything.

Hopefully, you find these tips helpful. Smile
Share your own health/nutrition/fitness tips below!!