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These were my eats over the end of last week & the weekend. There was also no working out during the second half of the week. So yeah, I feel pretty awesome right now…

Actually, it wasn’t quite as bad as the above photographs indicate. I did go to crossfit Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Then I made it to aerial yoga on Wednesday.

Sarah flew in Wednesday night, but her flight was delayed. We ended up getting back to my place late, which meant I was exhausted Thursday. I have no excuse for not working out Friday, I just didn’t. I’m okay with that every once in a while. Saturday was the wine & cupcake tour, then Sunday it was 102 degrees.

Overall, the first half of the week was good, but the second half not so much…at least in terms of healthy eating and exercising. However, it was good in the sense I got to hang out with some awesome ladies!

I did indulge quite a bit, but I’m ready to get back on track for the last few weeks of my 90 Day Challenge!

Also, here’s a bit of awesomeness. I was talking to my crossfit coach tonight and he mentioned that he can definitely tell a difference in my body since I began. Specifically, he says that I stand taller, my inner thighs are stronger, my hips {love handles} have shrunk and my butt looks better. Not sure I love that my coach is checking out my butt, but I’ll take the compliment! 😛


Do you like hot weather? Cold? In between?