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Lady Lifter Spotlight: Maggie!

A HUGE thank you to Jen for inviting me to be in the spotlight! Seriously, it is so cool! Not gonna lie, I feel pretty awesome about myself right now.

I have to say, since starting crossfit, I most definitely feel stronger, more powerful, more beautiful, and overall, more amazing. Okay, that sounded incredibly narcissistic, but in all seriousness: Crossfit has significantly reduced the amount of “blah” days. You know…the ones where you want to wear a moo moo giant t-shirt all day because you feel like a whale. Don’t get me wrong, I still have them, but they are becoming less frequent. That’s just plain awesome.

Since I’ve already indulged myself in this much self-praise, I might as well brag about my real accomplishments this week.

On Tuesday, I SNATCHED 80 pounds!

On Wednesday, I CLEANED 100 pounds!



Your turn: What did you do this week that you’re proud of??