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I can’t believe the 90 day challenge is almost over! I think technically I may have another 3 weeks to go. However, Zach will be here two weeks from today{EEK!!!!!!!!}, so I will be taking the final pictures the first weekend in June.


I think I have kind have lost motivation in this challenge. I feel great, but I seem to be hanging out around the same relative size/if not creeping back up a bit. I definitely am keeping up with crossfit and working out, but I have been way less careful with my eats.

Reflecting on my eats from last week: I don’t recall them being particularly terrible, but definitely not great either. I didn’t indulge in too many sweets, but there was a lot of healthy-ish and high calorie grazing. {Peanut butter, granola, garlic bread…}

I think part of the grazing stemmed from the fact that I never did any real grocery shopping and therefore had no fresh produce. Thus why you also have no pictures of my eats. They were not exciting and/or pretty. We’re just going to blame that on the whole I’m moving across the country soon thing, k?

As far as workouts go:
Monday: Bodypump
Tuesday: Crossfit
Wednesday: Crossfit
Thursday: Crossfit
Friday: Off
Saturday: aerial hammock/silk class; WOD @ home
Sunday: 5 mile easy hike

I’d say that’s a pretty good week of workouts right there!

My goal for the next two weeks is to reduce the grazing and eat cleaner. {I must sound like a broken record. I think these are ALWAYS my goals.”}


What are your mini-goals this week??