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{Based on the date in the below picture, clearly this post is a solid week overdue…oops.}


I realize this was LAST Monday, but bear with me. I have a reason for trekking back in time. It was clearly too hot for me to pull myself off the couch and drive to crossfit. I wasn’t opposed to getting off the couch {it wasn’t exactly cool in my apartment!}, but to go workout in a non-air conditioned box that was likely hotter than hell? Yeah, that just seemed like a bad idea.

I canceled my membership at 24 Hour Fitness in preparation for my move {I think I owe you a post about this whole moving deal soon}, but it is still valid through the end of May. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to use it one more time.


Before I became a crossfit freak girl, I went to BodyPump classes 2-3 times per week at the gym. I loved this class because I was able to lift and workout in a group setting. Since I started crossfit, I know I am much stronger. I was interested to see how that carried over to Pump.

Even though both workouts use weights, BodyPump is incredibly different from crossfit. Crossfit focuses on lifting heavy and dropping weight {do you know how badass it feels to drop a 100# bar during a workout?!}. Pump works to fatigue each muscle group by doing over 800 reps in the course of an hour.

I figured that I could go a little bit heavier in Pump, given that I am now front squatting 125# and jerking 115# and all. HA. I can certainly lift more with less effort, but my body is not used to holding that weight for 4+ minutes at a time while targeting one main muscle group. It was much easier to carry all the weights to my station at once, but as soon as we started I knew I was in for it.

I wasn’t at all disappointed by how challenging Pump remains. Rather, I was reminded that there are many wonderful workouts and it’s good to change things up every once in a while. Crossfit is not the end all, be all….despite what I may be leading you to believe, one blog post at a time. Winking smile


What’s your favorite group workout class??