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Recently, I have begun expanding the number of blogs I read. I seriously used to read almost every single post of every blog I followed. Clearly, as you begin to follow dozens and dozens of blogs, this is no longer possible. I have began to skim through my feedly in search of interesting titles. I also am a big fan of twitter retweets! It’s a great way to spread the love.


Also, I am a huge fan of Bean Bytes by Lindsay! She does all of this fabulous work by reading tons and tons of blogs and then letting us all know what the best articles were from the blogosphere and twitter during the week. LOVE! Thank you Lindsay!

I thought I would share with you all some of the articles that caught my attention this week while I am off doing something probably amazing in Lake Tahoe. 😉

I know there aren’t all that many articles here. I assure you that I actually did read more than 10 articles this week, but there are the ones that I feel are most definitely share worthy!

Your Twenties by fitting-it-all-in

Good Teacher? Great Runner. by olivetorun

Fear and Loathing on Facebook  by realmomnutrition

Strength is What’s Beautiful  by theleangreenbean

I Am Enough by truth2beingfit


And for my speech therapist friends…

Check out the How to Elcicit {teach} Speech Sounds Series by playingwithwords365. <—-This is seriously about to become my new best friend!!!


What did you read this week? I ❤ recommendations!!